About Us

Heaven + URTH was created as a result of  listening to client requests, complaints and concerns.  

As experienced estheticians and beauty experts at Orange County’s premier day spa, A Little Touch of Heaven in Newport Beach, Ca. (A.L.T.H.), Crystal Surmanian (owner) and Tanya Robertson (partner) immediately saw an alarming trend in almost all their clients’ skin; severely dehydrated and lackluster skin. Further analysis showed that a simple moisturizer simply wasn’t doing enough to rectify the problem. After Crystal and Tanya spent years researching and testing the best natural oils and ingredients -and realizing there was a lack of deep treatments in the industry that targeted a severe dehydration problem- Beelieve Deep Hydration Balm was born. Soon after the creative process began for Beelieve Deep Hydration Balm, Crystal and Tanya decided to explore and create more niche products that were simply missing, or not up to their standards, in the skincare industry. After extensive research and feedback as to how they can better skin products without all the chemicals, fillers and preservatives- the natural way- Heaven + URTH Skincare was born. With a vision to launch specialized products, grassroots style-small and steady and with a revolutionary purpose, Heaven + URTH Skincare is quickly being recognized for its outstanding commitment to customer’s satisfaction. Other Heaven + URTH specialized products are expected to be released Spring 2014.

Co-Founder, Crystal Surmanian

Being a new mother and business owner has Crystal working around the clock. Crystal has dedicated her career to thinking outside of the box in her treatment rooms while maintaining a high level of standards in her life and in business and attributes that to her success at A Little Touch of Heaven. The Surmanian Family welcomed a beautiful son to their family summer 2013 and reside in Orange, Ca. 


                                                                                                            Co-Founder, Tanya Robertson
When Tany

a is not busy being a mom of three kids under two years old, esthetician, make up artist, and entrepreneur of Heaven + URTH Skincare, you can typically find her sleeping in her car (kidding!), no really, you can typically find her at home with her family or hosting wine tasting parties with friends. Currently The Robertson Clan reside in Lake Forest, Ca.