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50 Things to Know

"I'm OBSESSED with Beelieve! I want a bathtub full of it so I can bathe in it!! - Lizzie Rovsek, Real Housewives of Orange County

"The texture is nice and light (which is definitely hard to achieve with a balm), and the scent is fresh and definitely not overwhelming."- Rachel, Birchbox

"I’ve been using Beelieve twice a day for about a month and I can’t believe how soft my skin is! My dry skin drinks it up without feeling greasy and it’s also great for lips, cuticles, and any rough patches. Also, it’s solid so it travels well unlike other traditional face oils that spill and make a mess." -  Ashley

"Not only does the Beelieve balm hydrate my face, but there was a time when I had extremely dry, chapped lips and no other products could cure it. I tried the Beelieve on my lips and after 3 days they were moist and kissable."  - Toni

"Beelieve is pure love for my skin in a jar. This balm has done wonders for my skin. I absolutely love it. I use it morning and night and it leaves my skin feeling luxurious. I am a Beeliever!" – Samantha

"LOVE IT! Really helped moisturize my dry face."- Barb

"This stuff is fantastic! I use it each night and rub any left over into my cuticles. Great product." – Cheryl

"Since you gave me the golden sample of Beelieve, I have experimented  and found that your magic balm is absolutely perfect for use day and night on my neck and decollete' and a soothing, hydrating treatment that I use for my face as well overnight. It is nice to know that such a treatment can truly be created with ingredients that we can all recognize and pronounce. I am happy to use and recommend your balm in any way that I can and wish you great, and much deserved, success with Beelieve Balm. It is a comforting and very effective skincare treatment! Congratulations!" - Babs
"I absolutely love the Beelieve balm! It made such a huge difference in the healing process after my facial. It is very soothing and smells heavenly! I loved that it emulsified nicely and absorbed well without feeling too heavy or leaving an oily finish on my skin. I use it a few nights a week to give my skin a nourishing boost and I wake up glowing. Thanks A.L.T.H. for introducing me to this fabulous product!" - Claudia

"Ever since I have been using Beelieve my face has been fresher and healthier than ever! I have constantly suffered from dry skin and could never  find a solution...Beelieve has literally changed that! The best part is going to bed every night feeling like Ive just walked out of the spa. I highly recommend this product." - Sarah

"When I first used Beelieve I only used it for two days the first time. OMG it is wonderful! My skin stayed soft for three days after!!!" - Kathy

"The Beelieve balm has got to be one of my favorite products in my medicine cabinet. Not only does it smell like heaven with the lavender notes, but it is my go-to product for around my eyes, on my lips, on my dry feet or elbows or just about anywhere else that needs a little hydration. I have acne prone sensitive skin so I was a little weary to put on my face. Well, two months later I am still putting it on my face nightly and have never had so much as a pimple or any sensitivity to the product. I love the fact that this one product does it all. AMAZING!!! I am a true Beeliever!" - Anne-Maire, 38, mom of three